Who To Contact

Composite Board of Directors
Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation

2022-2023 Officers:
President – Michele Lonsdale – 302.234.7680
Vice President – Bruce Bennett
Secretary – Vita Biddle
Treasurer – Jack Hilaman – 302.254.0100- Ext. 233

Board Members:

North – Cluster A-
Jack Hilaman – 302.254.0100 Ext.233
George Manolakos

West -Cluster D
Bruce Bennett – 302.695.1754
Dan Kowalski

East – Cluster B (Entrance – Shops at L.H.) and
Vincent Lane – Cluster E
Michele Lonsdale – 302.234.7680

NorthPointe – Cluster C
Vita Biddle – 302.690.3326
David DePoulter – 302.463.8889

Standing Committees:
Architectural Review and Deed Restrictions
Contact: Lisa M. Taylor at BC Communities, Inc.- 302.234.7710- Ext. 1102

Publicity Committees:
Web Site Chair: Denise Baroski
Welcome Chair: Open

Grounds Committee:
Cluster A – North
Lisa M. Taylor at BC Communities, Inc.- 302.234.7710-Ext. 1102

Cluster B – East and Cluster E
Lisa M. Taylor at BC Communities, Inc.- 302.234.7710-Ext. 1102

 Cluster C – NorthPointe
Lisa M. Taylor at BC Communities, Inc.- 302.234.7710-Ext. 1102

Cluster D – West
Bruce Bennett – 302.695.1754

Recreation Committee
Erin Gilpin – 302.234.2498

Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation Board meetings are held quarterly.  For questions, information, emergencies related to the community of Limestone Hills, please contact Lisa M. Taylor 
of BC Communities, Inc.
Telephone – 302.234.7710 – Ext. 1102
Click to email: BC Communities, Inc., Association Management

Limestone Hills Maintenance Corp. Assoc. Management Contact Information:  Lisa M. Taylor of BC Communities, Inc. – 4905 Mermaid Blvd., Wilmington, DE, 19808 – phone number: 302. 234.7710
Ext. 1102, Fax: 302.234.7718

For information about Community Resident Service Ads, please visit our Links Page.

Condominium Board Members

President – Bob Myers
Vice President – Rick Hughes
Secretary – Margaret Shillingford

Berkshire Townhomes
President- Michele Lonsdale -302.234.7680
Treasurer –
Board members – Kathy Walz, Sharon Erace
Community Assoc. Manager
(BC Communities, Inc.)- Beverly Harding at 302.234.7710  Ext. 1104 or bharding@bccommunities.org

Stoney Batter Condominiums
President – David Yake
Vice President – Open
Treasurer – Denise Miller
Secretary –Bonnie Haines
Member-at-Large – Janet Harkins
Member-at-Large – Pat Leipold
Investment Property Services- Maureen, Community Manager – P: (302)994-3907  -Maureen@IPSDE.COM

New Castle County Council Member
Councilwoman, District 3- Janet Kilpatrick (R)
Email: janet.kilpatrick@newcastlede.gov
Phone: 302.395.8343
800 N. French St.
Eighth Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
Legislative Aide: Anthony DeFiore
Email: ajdefiore@nccde.org
Phone: 302.395.8363

House and State Representatives:

Representative Michael F. Smith (R)
District: 22
Legislative Phone: 302.744.4171
Email Address: Michael.F.Smith@delaware.gov

House of Representatives:  Rep. Michael Ramone  (R)
District: 21
Direct: 302.584.8601  Phone: 302.577.8723
Email Address:  Michael.Ramone@delaware.gov

Senator Laura Sturgeon (D)
District: 4

Legislative Phone: 302.744.4286
Email Address: Laura.Sturgeon@delaware.gov

If you see possible NCC Code Violations:
Property Maintenance Violations are outlined on this NCC webpage
Complaints may be filed with the County  by calling Customer Relations & Assistance, at 302.395-5555
For more information, click to visit NCC
For non-emergency community matters,
please call New Castle County Police at 302.573.2800

Street Light Out?
If there is a street light near your home that is out or damaged, please report it to Delmarva Power at 1.800.375.7117 or click here. They will need to know the nearest street address to the lamp or the number on the lamp.  LHMC does not maintain street lights.

If you discover a downed street light pole or exposed wires, please call Delmarva immediately with the nearest address, intersection, or landmark, at 1-800-898-8042.

To Report Street Concern to DelDOT
Any street concerns (street signs, curbs, drains, potholes, etc.) all can be reported on the DelDOT Transportation Management Center website or call DelDOT Transportation Management Center (24 hours a day) at 302.659.4600.

Limestone Hills Neighborhood Watch-

To view the New Castle County Police Crime Map for our area, begin by clicking on the link below, and learn about the type of data that can be accessed by entering your address on this web site.  Crime mapping provides an efficient mechanism for the police department to show general crime trends to the community.

Be Aware!! “Stop Crime, Submit Tips”

If you notice suspicious activity and wish to report information relating to crime such as suspected drug activity or anything of a  suspicious nature, you can do so by calling the New Castle County Police at 302.573.2800.  Remember: If your information is an EMERGENCY or requires immediate action by the police, please DIAL 911.
You can also report crime tips to New Castle County via the internet at:   http://www.nccde.org/312/Crime-Tips-Alerts

Help prevent pollution of local creeks and rivers –
(302) STOPPIT water pollution hotline

When residents see evidence that someone has dumped chemicals or debris into the storm sewer system, here’s what they can do:
-Visit www.302STOPPIT.org and fill out an online form
-Call or send a text message to (302) STOPPIT (302.786.7748) with the location and details
-Email hotline@302STOPPIT.org with the location and details


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