Design Guidelines

The following is an outline of some of the more frequent topics relating to design change requests. For the full text relating to architectural change requests, refer to Article II-Architectural Control, of your Limestone Hills Declaration of Restrictions and Article VIII, Section 2, Item (c) of the Limestone  Hills Maintenance Corporation By-Laws. Both governing documents mandate that the Architectural Review Committee approve all exterior changes or additions to your home or lot. In reference to the design the Board has adopted the following:

General Criteria
The Board of Directors reviews all architectural change requests using the following general criteria:
– Compatibility with the overall design
–  Colors and materials of construction for overall scheme and details
– Impact on landscaping and neighborhood (reasonable passage of light and air)
– Special considerations for townhouse units versus detached housing
– Maintaining a common scheme throughout the community

All changes/additions must be approved in writing by the  Architectural Design Review Committee. Requests for architectural changes should include specifications for any possible additions or modifications such as: awnings, satellite dishes, paint color, decks  (enlargement/addition to existing), doors (front/garage), driveway extensions, patios, retaining walls, sheds (storage), storm doors/windows, children’s playhouses, mailbox replacement/mailbox posts,  painting, re-grading/berms, roofing, shutters, swimming pools, exterior paint colors & lighting fixtures (other than those supplied by builder).

Removing Existing Structure(s): State the criteria for removal of any structure that may change the exterior appearance of the property; for example: major additions, walls, and fences.

Listed below are  a few of the specific architectural guidelines that have been approved by the Architectural Design Review Committee and the Board of Directors:

Basketball Hoops: Detached dwellings only – not to be attached to dwelling; location – to the side of the driveway at least 10 feet back from street/sidewalk and properly maintained; not permitted at townhomes.
Birdbath Feeders/house(s):
Not permitted to the front/side of the dwelling (considered as structure – in a tree or on post).
Children’s Playhouse:
Restrictions apply to permanent type only. Playhouses and/or structures that are precut specifically for children’s use as play equipment are permitted – all other designs are to be submitted to ARC for consideration; color must be compatible with color of house or of natural wood; location not to extend beyond the side of home.
Not permitted if visible from the street – only portable permitted (types: umbrella,  retractable/pole) to be visible during daylight hours only.
Attached to dwelling/ no free-standing/ pole must not exceed 6 feet.
Lawn Ornaments:
Prohibited per deed restrictions.
Same size and shape of the original mailbox (black)-exterior design to complement the exterior of the home; no signs attached to mail post (i.e., security signs).
Mail post:
4″ x 4″ unpainted wood post of the original design, clear protective sealant.
Storage Shed:
Maximum size 8′ x 10″ x 8’h (80 sq. ft.). –  Location – within 6 feet of the rear of dwelling and not extending beyond the side of the home; angled attached to the rear of  home and not extending beyond the side of the home. Not permitted on townhouse lots.
Storm Doors:
Full-lite or 3/4 lite – all glass door color to match front door or door trim (applies to front door only).
Satellite Dishes: Must be located in the least noticeable area, such as on the rear of the dwelling or in the alternative, on the side of the dwelling at ground level with a landscape screen. (approved by LHMC Board 5-9-02)
Solar Panels Update-2022: 
Please be aware that a new law in Delaware removes red tape barring some homeowners from adding solar panels to their property.  Gov. John Carney (D) signed a new bill that voids any “unreasonable” land-use restrictions on the roof and ground-mounted solar systems at private residences. Limestone Hill Owners, however, are required to submit an Architectural form to Kelly Management Services

Contact Lisa Taylor-Kelly at Kelly Management Services – 302.565.4499 to obtain formal approval.

Private Open Space:
Common areas are the property of all and cannot be altered by anyone owner either by architectural change or by placing personal property on common areas. This includes the planting or removal of trees, shrubs, or natural planting.

Architectural Change Request forms may be obtained from Kelly Management Services – 302.565.4499 or download the Architectural Change Request Form by clicking on the link below. 
Remember to maintain your approved Architectural Change Form with your home documents so that they may be passed on to future owners.

Townhome paint colors NorthPointe
A paint color chart for some of the homes in the community is on file with Kelly Management Services.

Please contact Lisa Taylor-Kelly at Kelly Management Services – 302.565.4499 to obtain formal approval especially if you are planning to paint your garage doors.

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