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Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation
Synopsis of General Use Restrictions 

Special Note to Limestone Hills Condominium Owners (Stoney Batter and Berkshire): The following “General Use Restrictions” are not applicable to your property. Please review your condominium’s governing documents for rules germane to your condominium. Condominium owners are, however, members of the  Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation and therefore subject to Section 3, Article (1) of the ByLaws of the Corporation (amended 10-10-91) – “No building, shed, fence, wall, swimming pool or other  construction shall be commenced, erected, or maintained upon any lot, or shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration be made until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and  approved in writing by the Declarant (LHMC Board of Directors).”

The following is an abbreviated version of the General Use Restrictions. For the full text, please refer to Article I “General Use Restrictions” of the Declaration of Restrictions for your particular Phase.

– Private Residences: The lots shall be used for private residential purposes only, and no buildings of any kind except private dwelling units shall be erected or maintained thereon.
– Trailers, Mobile Homes, etc.: No temporary structure, including trailers and mobile homes, shall be permitted or maintained upon any lot.
–  Animals and Pets: No animals of any kind other than usual household pets shall be kept or maintained on any part or portion of the properties or lots, – no breeding –  no pet outbuildings. All domestic animals, when outside of its respective owner’s residential dwelling, must be on a leash and otherwise comply with all local, municipal, county and state laws and ordinances.
– Vegetable Gardens: No vegetable gardens shall be created, constructed, or  maintained on the front yards or side yard of any lots where such garden can be seen by pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
– Trash Receptacles: Trash receptacles shall be kept in enclosed areas, hidden from view, excepting on regular collection days, when they may be placed temporarily at the curb.
– Prohibited Vehicles: No trucks, buses, travel trailers, boat trailers, boats, utility trailers or campers whatsoever, and no disabled vehicles of any description shall be kept or maintained on any street, lot or driveway, except that any of the same may be kept within enclosed garages; excepting that pickup trucks up to and including  3/4 ton and enclosed vans up to 10,000 lbs. G.V.W. are permitted, provided that they do not exceed a height of seven feet.
– Signs: No signs of any nature whatsoever shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot within the premises described, except that a single real estate “For Sale”  sign may be so placed and maintained, but must be removed within five days after a contract for sale and purchase for such lot has been signed by all the parties thereto.
– Fences: No enclosing or non-enclosing fence or barrier (hereinafter “fence”) shall be erected on any lot closer to the front street line than the rear face of the principal  building on said lot except that fences which are dividing lines between two lots may extend along side lot lines. (Fences shall be according to the specifications as  described in the Declaration of Restrictions.) No fences shall be permitted on any townhouse or duplex lot except those erected as part of the original house design.
– Swimming Pools: No swimming pools shall be permitted on any townhouse or duplex lots.
– Window Treatment: All windows from the exterior shall show white or off-white fabric or color compatible with color of exterior finish of dwelling.  Any disputes regarding color selection or compatibility will be determined at the sole discretion of Declarant, or its assigns.
– Clothes Lines: No permanent outside clothes lines or clothesline posts are permitted. Portable outside lines approved by Declarant, its successors or his assigns will be permissible, provided same are used and clothes are hung out during daylight hours only.
– Privacy Fences: Privacy fences are defined as those types of fences that enclose only a small portion of the rear yard close to the building itself; for example, a privacy fence may closely enclose a rear patio.  (Such fences are permitted on single family lots only, provided they follow the permissible specifications as outlined in the Declaration of Restrictions)
– Trees, Shrubs & Landscaping: Any trees, shrubs and/or landscaping planted, placed, provided or done by the developer must remain undisturbed for a period of ten (10) years, except for ordinary maintenance, feeding, and disease control.
– Yards: No statues, sculptures, painted trees, bird baths, replicas of animals or other like objects may be affixed to or placed on any lot or building, where they would be visible from any street, without prior written approval of the Architectural Committee.
– Exterior Lighting: No exterior lighting fixtures other than as shown on the model homes constructed by developer or developer’s designated agent, are permitted on  any lot, or on any structures on any lot, without the prior written approval of the plans and specifications for same by the Architectural Review Committee.
– Exterior Design and/or Color Scheme Changes on Townhouse and/or  Duplex Houses:No owner of any townhouse and/or duplex house or occupant shall cause or permit any alterations or changes of the exterior design and/or color scheme of any townhouse or duplex house, or fences surrounding said townhouse or duplex house, unless the Architectural Review Committee has approved such alteration and/or color change.
– Trampolines:No trampolines of any kind shall be kept or maintained on any lot. (in some phases of the community)

Please note – if you would like to receive the Declaration of Restrictions for the particular section of Limestone Hills DPUD phase in which you live, please contact your attorney or Kelly Management Services for more information on how to obtain a copy of the document.

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Amended By-Laws of Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation

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