About Limestone Hills

The Community of Limestone Hills is located in the  Pike Creek Valley,
New Castle County, Delaware   

Limestone Hills is a nice place to liveAs a planned community of over 1,700 homes located in the Pike Creek Valley, we are certainly one of the largest communities in New Castle County, Delaware. The Community of Limestone Hills, located off Route 7 (Limestone Road), is often used as the standard by which other planned communities  in Delaware are measured. A total of over 300 acres of private open space are located within our “community” boundaries. There are primarily five Cluster locations within the planned community borders.

Community of Limestone Hills - Delaware
Click on a Limestone Hills Cluster location below and
visit a street map for your particular cluster location:

Cluster A- (North) North side of Mermaid-Stoney Batter Road
Cluster B – (East) East side of Limestone Road (Rt. 7)
 Cluster C – (NorthPointe) South side of Mermaid-Stoney Batter Road- NorthPointe
Cluster D – (West) West side of Limestone Road (Rt. 7)
 Cluster E – (Vincent Lane) Northeast on Limestone Road (Rt. 7) Vincent Lane

The Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation is proud to provide information about your community on the community web site: LimestoneHills.com. We will provide you with all sorts of interesting information about your community, as well as provide an opportunity for you to email comments to Board members, the community association manager, or perhaps volunteer for a committee.  Please take a moment to read our web site’s privacy policy.

One reason Limestone Hills continues to be one of the more desirable home locations in the area is the beautifully landscaped and  maintained open areas located throughout the community. To support the entity responsible for, among other duties, the care of the common areas within the community, homeowners automatically (once they  take title to their property) become members of the Limestone Hills Maintenance Corporation (“LHMC”).  An annual assessment supports the Maintenance Corporation in their duties as outlined in our governing documents.

This web page shows a location map of Limestone Hills.There are five cluster locations within our planned community. Each cluster location has different recreational facilities available for the use by all Limestone Hills residents. Our Community also gives information about upcoming community events.

To preserve the quality of the community, individual homeowners need to be familiar with LHMC’s governing documents provided to you at the time of your property settlement. For single family, fee  simple owners, the Declaration of Restrictions detail the “General Use Restrictions” relevant to your particular phase. The purpose of the General Use Restrictions is not to stifle a  homeowner’s individual creativity, but rather to protect your investment in the original community design. The Documents/Rules page will provide a synopsis of the community’s General Use Restrictions. The full text can be found in your Declaration of Restrictions document.

Since all changes to the exterior of your property require approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), the Design Guidelines page provides you with some of the ARC-approved design guidelines as well as the board’s approval criteria. From the Design Guidelines page you can access an Architectural Request Form which can be printed out,  completed and mailed to our community association management company (BC Consulting, Property Management) for processing.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a LHMC Board member or LHMC’s community association  management company, BC Consulting, Property Management. On the Who to Contact page you will find contact information for board members of the Maintenance Corporation as well as the condominium associations.

The LHMC Board meets quarterly with an annual homeowners meeting held in June. The recent Board meeting minutes, in  draft stage (unofficial), can be found on the Board Meeting Notes page. Under Community Links, you will find a variety of community related web sites as well as an opportunity to join a community committee or activity.

Keep visiting your community’s web site for more exciting additions!

A nice place to live.